Sustainable Marketing Canvas


Why Sustainable Marketing?

Because it’s time!

And, we need to free marketing from its narrow confines. The definition of marketing is to provide VALUE to STAKEHOLDERS*. That means marketers should serve the planet and the people in it, whilst providing value to the end-customer.


Why a Sustainable Marketing Canvas?

Because we can’t see the forest for the trees.

There’s green, social and sustainable marketing. It’s hard to coordinate & scale sustainable activities
if we don’t know what exactly sustainable marketing is.

The Sustainable Marketing Canvas brings order to this chaos by corralling all the processes of marketing and placing them in a much larger context. The 7 P’s meet the Triple Bottom Line.


What’s the Benefit of the Sustainable Marketing Canvas?

Sustainable marketing is seen as a part of a greater system.

- Interconnections between marketing strategies are visible
- Inter-disciplinary solutions suddenly appear
- Coherent actions are supported, and…
- It’s nice to have everything on one page

Interested in helping
develop the SMC further?

Nikolina Fuduric, PhD

Professor of Sustainable Marketing
Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz
(University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland)

The Sustainable Marketing Canvas
Sustainable Marketing Canvas / Prof. Dr. Nikolina Fuduric
Source: Fuduric, N. The Sustainable Marketing Canvas. Marketing Review St.Gallen. 4.2020.
Canvas Design by Gregory Hackel-Johnson

* American Marketing Association, 2013

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